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Now is the time to focus on you.

My philosophy is simple: the mind, body and spirit are not separate entities. It is my belief that having a balanced body structure and musculature is a major factor in overall well-being.

Are you seeking massage for relaxation and/or stress reduction? Are you an elite athlete training for your next event? Do you suffer from chronic pain? No matter where you are in life, Balanced Bodies can help.

I will use an integrative approach incorporating my knowledge and experience as a mother, a runner, a biochemist and a licensed massage therapist, to help you achieve this balance. You, however, know your body best. After a brief consultation, we will together decide on a treatment plan.

Tucson Massage Therapy Studio

I will be present, respectful, and compassionate with my touch.

You will benefit from a client-centered personalized treatment.

Together we can do great things. Let me help you maximize your potential!

Melissa Falvo, MS, LMT

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Sports Massage Testimonial

A few weeks ago I finished my second Ironman Triathlon, shattering my pervious time by almost 2 hours. I could not have achieved this without Melissa’s help. Throughout my year-long training regimen, Melissa helped keep my body in good condition and injury- free. Her care and attention to education allowed me to become more in touch with my muscles, tendons, etc so they could perform the tasks I was demanding of them. Although sports massage can be painful at times, the fact that I was swimming, biking, and running without pain demonstrated to me the importance of massage in keeping the body healthy.

I’ve been an endurance athlete for several years, and having dealt with injury in the past, I believe massage was a key component to my success this year. As a professional in the running and triathlon industry, I am constantly asked about pain and injury, and I always tell my customers about the need and benefits of massage. I can’t thank Melissa enough for her support, guidance, and healing touch over the past year.

~  Anne S.