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Swedish - The most widely recognized and commonly used category of massage.

Swedish includes a combination of long gliding (effleurage), kneading (petrissage),

tapotement (percussion), and friction strokes applied to the superficial tissues (skin,

muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia) of the body. These strokes are often combined with

active and passive movements to create a fluid, relaxing, circulatory-enhancing


Deep Tissue - Intended to affect the deeper tissues within the body. There is a

misconception that “deep” means “hard” and/or painful. After gentle warming of the

superficial tissues with Swedish strokes or heat, the deep tissues can be affected with

minimal energy and very little pressure. The client is actively involved with deep

breathing and feedback during the treatment.

Neuromuscular - Several modalities that engage the relationship between the nervous

and muscular systems to create a reflex response. All of the activity of the muscular

system depends on the nervous system, which is the main controller of the body. By

using the physiological relationship between nerves and muscles, we can change

muscle length and kinesthetic perception.

Trigger point therapy- Used to address hypertonic/tight areas of muscle tissue.

Usually activated by acute or repetitive overuse, a trigger point is a localized area of

hypertonicity. The decreased circulation in a hypertonic area reduces nutritional

exchange to the area, causing it to be hypersensitive and hyperirritable. Several factors

can create or perpetuate trigger points:

- mechanical stresses, including skeletal misalignment

- poor posture

- long-term muscle constriction, such as compression by a purse or backpack

- nutritional inadequacies

- insufficient hydration

- stress

- inadequate sleep

Muscle energy techniques - Direct manipulation, positional release, post-

isometric relaxation, reciprocal inhibition. These techniques can reduce pain, relax a

hypertonic muscle, realign postural deviations, and restore range of motion.

Myofascial - Manipulation of the fascia (connective tissue) that runs throughout the

entire body to change the shape and position of restricted tissues. Fascia is so

pervasive that any restrictions, adhesions or buildups of fascia can create problems for

the musculature. This technique specifically softens the fascia to create more space

and allow more movement within the tissues. Without sufficient movement, nutrition,

and hydration, fascia stiffens and dries out. This hardening can lead to decreased

range of motion, nonspecific aches and pains and postural abnormalities.

Prenatal Massage - Healthy women with a low-risk pregnancy can receive the benefits of massage
throughout their pregnancy, during labor, and through the postpartum period. The many
changes that occur to a pregnant body can create stress, pain, and discomfort. With
the approval of your obstetrician, massage can provide relief to many of these
symptoms. The same techniques used in a regular massage session can be used in a
prenatal massage with awareness of the clientʼs special needs.

Sports Massage - Sports massage is a general term that refers to massage for athletes, and it uses the

basic massage strokes and therapeutic techniques. One of the best ways for athletes

of all levels to avoid muscular pain and discomfort is to incorporate sports massage into

their routine. Massage can provide many benefits to athletes of all levels:

- reduce muscle pain

- relieve acute and delayed onset muscle soreness

- relieve muscle tension and spasms

- enhance flexibility and range of motion

- reduce recovery period

- enhance body awareness for coordination

- restore normal resting length to tight muscles

- break up fascial restrictions

- improve circulation

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Tucson Message - Balanced Bodies Image  I’ve always carried tension in my upper shoulders and neck.  Then I developed muscle pain in the rotator muscles.  About a year and a half ago I started getting massage therapy from Melissa and quickly I started to feel better.  As a result of getting regular massages from Melissa the tension in my shoulders and neck is managed, the pain in my rotator is gone and my whole body feels rejuvenated!

~Julie D., Tucson